Reese Witherspoon's Son Graduates from Grade School—See the Photo!

Reese Witherspoon lead
Photo: Dan MacMedan/WireImage

Proud mom Reese Witherspoon took to Instagram this morning to celebrate one of her children's latest milestones. The mother of three congratulated her son Deacon for graduating from grade school, captioning the adorable post with, "Off to Jr High! Yay, Deacon! #proudmom." In the shot, Witherspoon is all smiles, beaming in a bright floral dress with her arm around her eldest son who is looking particularly dapper in a khaki blazer and red and navy gingham bow-tie.

Reese Witherspoon embed
reesewitherspoon / Instagram

Witherspoon's six million plus Instagram followers have gotten used to seeing sweet shots of her family. To celebrate the 12-year-old's birthday last October, the actress posted another stunning photo of the mother-and-son pair, also complete with bow-tie.

Witherspoon's other children, 16-year-old look-alike Ava and too-cute 3-year-old Tennessee, also make regular appearances on the actress's Instagram feed. The 40-year-old captures lovely shots to honor other special family occassions like swimming on vacation, coming home from summer camp, and heading back to school.

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