Miranda Kerr Has Cut Down On Traveling to Spend More Time With Her Son

Let's be honest: Does anyone really have the perfect work-life balance?

We all struggle to find that ideal harmony between the two—especially if you're a jet-setter like Miranda Kerr. The model gave birth to her son Flynn six years ago and has been scaling back from the runway since then.

In an interview with MyDomaine, she opened up about the "constant struggle" of striking a happy medium between her work and motherhood.

"It has become easier with time and learning to prioritize and not over-commit myself. We have to remember it's okay to say no," she said. "I try to minimize my travel as much as possible. When you become a mom, the most important thing is your child, and you try to work everything in and around what is best for them. The first few months (and years) are a huge adjustment for any new parent, but I was lucky in some respects that my job has flexibility."

Being a supermodel is only one of Kerr's jobs, though. She's also the founder of the skincare line Kora Organics.

"It's a team effort," she said. "We often say 'teamwork makes the dream work.' That said, I am very detail-oriented, and I'm across every facet of the business from formulations, manufacturing, and packaging to sales and marketing. What I love about having my own company is that I learn something new every day, and it's very rewarding to see all of our hard work and planning come to fruition."

Kerr's ultimate goal is to make the brand a household name.

With so many professional goals, it's easy to see how striking a work-life balance might be hard, but Kerr has some great advice for other working moms like her.

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"Don't put too much pressure on yourself," she suggests. "Whether it's exercise, reading a book, or 10 minutes of meditation, it's important to look after yourself and have some 'me' time to avoid burnout."

We've got to agree with her there.

Of all the things she's involved in though, picking her son up from school is still her absolute favorite. "There is nothing better than picking my son up from school and seeing his little face light up," she confessed. "It is joy and love in the purest form."

Too sweet for words.

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