Grimes Shared a Rare Photo of X Æ A-12

And it looks like he'll be following in his dad's footsteps.

A few months after his momentous arrival, X Æ A-12 made another appearance on his mom Grimes's Instagram feed. In a new photo shared to her Stories, Grimes showed off a new photo of her son reading a book. And if the content of that book has any indication, little X Æ A-12 is set to inherit his dad's penchant for space.

In the photo, X Æ A-12 is wearing a star-print onesie (appropriate!) and reading a book with photos of satellites and galaxies. She kept the caption short and sweet, just adding a pink heart emoji to the snapshot.

Grimes IG Story

When Grimes and Musk introduced their son to the world back in May, his name made headlines. However, X Æ A-12 wasn't in keeping with the state of California's rules regarding what could be included on a birth certificate, so the couple had to compromise using X as their son's first name and AE A-XII as his middle name. In an interview with Bloomberg, Grimes said that she eschews the complicated pick (even though she broke down his name on Twitter) and calls her son "Little X."

Grimes also announced that she would be a character in Cyberpunk 2077, a video game from CD Projekt Red (the same studio that produced The Witcher) that's been eight years in the making. Grimes will also appear on the game's soundtrack.

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