Baby Luna's Cuteness Is Off the Charts in Chrissy Teigen's Latest Video

Luna waves hi in new video LEAD
Photo: johnlegend / Instagram

If there's one thing that can brighten up any day, it's Luna Simone, Chrissy Teigen's and John Legend's too-cute baby daughter. And a new video Teigen posted is destined to melt even the most cynical hearts—who could be immune to the charms of an adorable baby waving at the camera?

Luna's 1st birthday is coming up in April, and she's quickly developing impressive motor skills. Teigen, the 31-year-old model, showed off her daughter's antics on Twitter last night, in which Luna waves at the camera and vocalizes a happy hello—then coyly touches her face and crawls away.

VIDEO: Baby Luna Eats Her First Solid Food

Luna is growing up quickly—earlier in the week, Teigen showed off her daughter's tiny front teeth and head full of curls.

Before we know it, she's going to be ruling the world.

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