By Anne Vorrasi
Updated Mar 15, 2016 @ 4:45 pm
Credit: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Target

At the launch party for Pillowfort, Target’s adorable new line of children’s furniture and decor, we spotted the gorgeous Camila Alves, aka Mrs. Matthew McConaughey, making a wish list of touch lamps, throw pillows, and a teepee for her kids, and even eyeing a side table for herself. While catching up with the mother of Levi, 7, Vida, 6, and Livingston, 3, the conversation led to children’s birthday parties and what it takes to plan them. Here we discovered the one thing that keeps her up the night before the festivities occur at casa McConaughey.

“I have no say on the theme when it comes to birthday parties in my house,” she admits. “They choose what they want and then I have to follow it.” Once a party theme has been picked though, Alves’s crafting skills go into full swing, and she’ll spend hours making the birthday cake. “The most challenging one I did was a snake cake for my son [Levi]," she says. "I literally stayed up all night figuring out how to make this cake. When the party started, I still hadn’t slept. So when the guests arrived, I took a nap under the tree in the yard—but he got his cake!"

Alves has since gained a reputation among her offspring as the resident cake boss, and is tasked with making a homemade masterpiece at each of their birthday celebrations. “Now they expect it every year,” she says. “I’ve done a Frozen cake and a Barbie cake for my daughter (pictured above), and a school bus cake for my son.”

We can’t wait to see what edible treat she Instagrams next.