Takes notes.

By Alyssa Hardy
Jul 07, 2020 @ 3:58 pm

The global COVID-19  pandemic has killed over 200,000 people in the United States and over a million people worldwide. While there probably won't be a vaccine to stop this deadly virus from continuing to wreak havoc until at least 2021, there is one surefire way to slow the spread. Yes, that's right, I'm talking about wearing your damn mask.

Masks not only protect you from catching it, but they also prevent you from spreading it.  They are not a political statement, they are a safety precaution. Masks are not stepping on your freedom, they are giving you the freedom to protect yourself. And at this point, hundreds of fashion brands have started making them, so if you don't want to wear a medical one, you have good options. 

Take celebrities for example. Many of them are leaning all the way into mask-wearing and making them a part of their look. Lizzo matched her swimsuit to her mask, Emily Ratajkowski has used them as a way to show off her pattern mixing skills, and Kerry Washington wore hers to prove that leopard print is a neutral. If you need a little inspiration for mask-wearing and you happen to enjoy a celebrity photo or two (I know you do), below you'll find 13 simple photos of famous people looking great and following CDC guidelines to protect others.

Miley Cyrus 

Miley Cyrus is topping of her new, rock and roll inspired look an accessory made for rock legends: a black mask.

Jordyn Woods

Jordyn Woods is literally a walking advertisment for her line with Pretty Little Thing. To accesorize her see-through dress, Woods donned a Jordyn Woods X Pretty Little Thing mask.

Rumer Willis

Rumer Willis proves that leopard print is a neautral with her latest masked up look.

 Irina Shayk

Just because we have to distance, doesn't mean we can't bring the fashion moments with a mask. Enter: Irina Shayk.

Bella Hadid 

To walk around NYC with this simple loose-fitting outside, Bella Hadid opted for an easy black mask.

Hailey and Justin Bieber

Hailey and Justin Bieber prove datenight masks are the best kind of masks.


When you can match all of your PPE to your outfit, you have reached peak safety style.

Selma Blair

A mask that both protects and adds a pop of color to an all-white outfit.

Kerry Washington 

She pretty much said it perfectly herself: "Throwing @fenty shade if you're not wearing a mask."

Emily Ratajkowski

Masks have added yet another way to mix prints.

Reese Witherspoon

A little picnic inspiration for your face and a reminder that masks are not a political statement.

Emma Roberts

The pattern of the summer meets the protect yourself and others.

Credit: Getty Images

Sophie Turner

Maternity ensembles plus masks have been mastered.

Credit: Backgrid

Mindy Kaling

She's giving us art, creativity, and safety.

Jennifer Aniston

Simple, easy, and showing how she cares.

Nina Dobrev

A nice pandemic reminder with a starry night view.

Zoe Kravitz

Practicing safety and standing up for Black Lives Matter.

Tracee Ellis Ross

Pink masks and perfect denim.

Mandy Moore

Proving you can have fun with it and wear one that brings out your eyes.