Olivia Munn, John Legend, Florence Pugh, and more are demanding an end to Asian hate crimes.


According to NBC News, authorities said eight people were shot and killed in three separate shootings at Atlanta massage parlors or spas in Georgia on Tuesday night. Officials said that at least six of the victims appeared to be Asian women. A suspect has been arrested and taken into custody.

Following the horrific act of violence, celebrities including Florence Pugh, John Legend, and Olivia Munn, have taken to social media to express their condolences to the victims and their families, as well as demand for an end to Asian hate crimes.

Olivia Munn, John Legend
Olivia Munn, John Legend
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"The Asian hate crime tonight in Atlanta-Buckhead and Cherokee County is just so f--king appalling and so sad," Pugh wrote to her Instagram story. "He drove to a new destination. To target Asian women. [Every time] there's a mass shooting it's so heartbreaking and so destructive and yet America just shakes [its] head as if that's just part of being in America and carries on. It doesn't have to be. This was targeted. This is white supremacy. This was targeted Asian murder." 

Florence Pugh Instagram
Credit: Florence Pugh/Instagram

 "Absolutely horrible," John Legend wrote on Twitter. "Sending love to all the loved ones of those whose lives were taken. Our nation needs to reckon with the increased threats being directed at our Asian-American brothers and sisters."

"The violent attacks and murders against Asians are still happening," Olivia Munn wrote on Twitter. "Please help us. We need help to be safe in our country. #StopAsianHate. Please."

To All the Boys I've Loved Before star Lana Condor took to Twitter to encourage her followers to check in on their Asian friends and loved ones.

NBA star LeBron James tweeted, "My condolences goes out to the families of all the victims and the entire Asian community tonight on what transpired in Atlanta at the Aromatherapy Spa. Coward a** young man!! Just senseless and tragic!!"

Author and activist Roxane Gay expressed her anger, calling for the violence to stop.

The Farewell director Lulu Wang wrote, "I know these women. The ones working themselves to the bone to send their kids to school, to send money back home. In too much pain to know what else to say so I'll just leave this here."

Alicia Keys called for an end to the hate on her Instagram story. "All hate must stop Don't we know better yet!!??"

Alicia Keys Instagram
Credit: Alicia Keys/Instagram

"The race of the person committing the crime matters less than the simple fact that if you act with hate in your heart, you are part of the problem," wrote Daniel Dae Kim. "And to those with the power to help and yet sit idly by, your silence is complicity. #StopAsianHate"