Celeb That Makes Us LOL

SMA - Rebel Wilson
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Celeb That Makes Us LOL

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Olivia Wilde

SMA - Lena Dunham

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The actress manages to fit big laughs into Twitter's short 140-character limit. Her 1.43 million+ followers can find hilarious tweets about her latest discoveries.
Sample tweet: "To the person who stole my credit card and spent $800 at an aquarium, there's something awfully fishy about you."
Shown here: Wilde keeping it cool before hitting the movies.

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Kristen Bell

SMA - Kristen Bell

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According to the actress, "5'1 is the new 6'2." Despite her height, Bell is never short on the jokes she tweets to her 1.53 million+ Twitter followers.
Sample tweet: "I?m quite positive if I worked for the President he would be cool with me calling him 'Mr.P.'"
Shown here: "A hotel break while the movie screens - #VeronicaMarsMovie"

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Seth Rogen

SMA - Seth Rogen

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The actor knows no filter, tweeting about anything and everything that comes to mind—and letting his 2.18 million+ followers into his hilarious head in the process.
Sample tweet: "The silk robe I've been wearing is actually a giant DVF wrap dress."
Shown here: Rogen's happy face.

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Anna Kendrick

SMA - Anna Kendrick

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Quirky, cute, and funny, the 28-year-old actress keeps her 2.6 million+ followers laughing with her sarcastic tweets while filming on set.
Sample tweet: "Good news from the set of Pitch Perfect. Beca still mostly wears long pants and boots, so I basically never have to shave my legs. Or feet."
Shown here: Kendrick keeping it comfy with a #SweatpantTuxedo between #NightShoots

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Rebel Wilson

SMA - Rebel Wilson

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The actress has over 1.86 million+ followers and tweets about everything from funny movie outtakes to fashion emergencies.
Sample tweet: "Stretching it out, getting ready for the Bellas finale filming tonight in front of a massive crowd!! #PP2 #pumped"
Shown here: Wilson in prep mode before hitting the set.

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