Cardi B Has a New Show Out Today — and Believe It or Not, It’s Family-Friendly

All I want for Christmas is to watch Cardi B teach a class of kindergarteners.

Cardi B's Cardi Tries
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There’s a light at the end of the tunnel that is 2020, and her name is Cardi B. The Grammy-winning rapper already lifted our spirits once during quarantine, releasing her record-breaking song “WAP” with Megan Thee Stallion back in August. And today, just in time for the holidays, she’s giving the Bardigang another gift: the launch of a new Messenger series called Cardi Tries__. Each episode of the show, which Cardi also executive produces, follows the star trying her hand at a series of different disciplines, from learning ballet and how to make sushi to teaching kindergarten and working as a ranch hand. It’s Cardi’s very own version of The Simple Life, if you will.

The show is truly an experience, and it’s one that Cardi was more than ready to share with the world — especially at the end of a long year. “It’s really dope to drop this show now,” she tells InStyle. “People are at home and with their families for the holidays, and I feel like because this is a show where it’s not raunchy or sad, it’s actually a show you could watch with your kids and think it’s funny. Have a good laugh. It just brings a good spirit — this is a good spirit show! It doesn’t have drama. It’s just funny.”

We chatted with Cardi all about the series, which can be enjoyed with friends near and far through Messenger’s Watch Together video-chat feature (available within the Messenger, Messenger Rooms, and Instagram apps), as well as her hopes for 2021 and her own holiday plans. Scroll down for our full conversation, and check out the first episode of Cardi Tries__, out today.

Cardi B's Cardi Tries

Is the show we all need at the end of 2020?

Yes! Yesterday I was talking about how 2020 has brought me bad anxiety. And it’s not even really because of what I’ve got going on in life; it’s just getting on social media every single day and seeing so much tragedy. The news, it just gets sadder and sadder. We don’t know the state of the world. So I just feel like we need a show that just makes people happy and makes people smile.

You seem like someone who is generally pretty confident and open to new experiences. But is there anything you tried for the show that you just really hated or couldn’t do?

I actually wasn’t good at nothing that I did on the show. Like I’m not good at doing sushi. I am not good at doing ballet. I am not a good farmer. I definitely don’t know how to play basketball [laughs]. I just was excited to do things that I never did before and learn.

Do you like challenging yourself? Is that in your nature?

I like to challenge myself on things that I know how to do. So, I like to challenge myself when it comes to my job or when it comes to me learning certain types of choreography for music videos. But this was a challenge where I did it because I just wanted to learn it and have a good time.

Cardi B's Cardi Tries

In the first episode, you take a ballet class taught by the legendary Debbie Allen and compare the ballet pole to the stripper pole from your past. Did any of your old dance moves come in handy here?

Well, when it came to the African dancing, I did a little better. But when it comes to ballet, I don’t think anything that I’ve done has helped me with doing ballet. Like, that shit really hurts! That was hard.

But you did great! In another episode, you learn how to be a teacher. What subject do you think you’d be an expert in teaching?

History, of course!

Ah, of course. What’s your advice for anyone out there who’s thinking about trying something new, whether it’s taking up a new hobby or starting a new career?

Just go try it. I know some people are scared to try things because they’re scared to fail. However, whether you fail or not, the true reward is the lesson and experience. Now I feel like I have experience on how to raise sheep. And pigs!

Cardi B's Cardi Tries

Even though it’s been a weird year, 2020 was huge for you, professionally. “WAP” broke records, you were named Billboard’s Woman of the Year, and you made history at the American Music Awards. What was your proudest moment?

Yeah. All these things that I accomplished with “WAP”… it has been really big. Like, Woman of the Year, having a number one record. That was cool.

What are your hopes for 2021?

I really just want to drop dope music, drop dope visuals, and do everything that I’ve been working and planning. Prosper. I don’t even want to make plans, ‘cause I had a lot of plans for 2020 and they got destroyed due to COVID. So it’s like, what plans can we possibly make? When you don’t know if the world’s gonna be secure?

Do you have any holiday plans? What does a Cardi Christmas look like this year?

My holiday plan is just to spend it with my family, of course, and make sure I have a good three or four days that I can actually enjoy with them. On Christmas, I want to have a big dinner and watch movies with the kids — it’s really a kids’ holiday, you know? So watch movies with the kids and then the next day I want to take them out, maybe to a bouncy house or to play games or something. I just want the kids to remember this Christmas. It’s gotta be special for the kids.

Has your daughter Kulture asked for any presents in particular?

Not really. She’s still a baby-baby, so I don’t think she understands what Christmas is. She just loves the tree and she loves to sing Christmas songs. I don’t think she understands like, “Oh, gifts!” Christmas to her is every day. [laughs]

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