By Asia Milia Ware
Updated Sep 27, 2017 @ 1:45 pm
Credit: Paras Griffin/Getty

If you had never heard Cardi B's name prior to this month, you would not be alone—but a lot has changed since then. The "Bodak Yellow" rapper made history on Monday, bumping Taylor Swift from the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 charts—and becoming the first female rapper to hold that place since Lauryn Hill in 1998.

Cardi B's soaring career is an inspiration. And another thing we love about the Bronx native? She's unabashedly sex positive.

If you watched her turn on VH1's reality show Love & Hip-Hop, you may know that before Cardi's unparalleled glow up, she began her career as a stripper. But did you know that she also starred in sex toy ads for a local New York sex shop?

One commercial for Romantic Depot, dubbed “the largest sex store in NYC,” features Cardi shouting, in her distinct voice, “Tell all your friends: Romantic Depot, baby! Say my name and you’ll get a free sex toy!” In one scene, she holds up a large dildo while sticking her tongue out. With the fame and success she has now, who wouldn't be running to Romantic Depot to say “Cardi B” for a free toy? (Watch the commercial above.)

What don't you do, Cardi B? While their production value is hilariously sub-par, Cardi's sex toy ads—one of which is currently airing on local cable networks including New York 1—kind of makes us love her even more than we already do. A dildo ad on local TV, a No. 1 song on the Billboard charts, and front-row seats at fashion week, all at the same time? We are here for it.

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Teach us, Cardi B!