Here's How Cara Delevingne Is Supporting Refugees in Uganda

Photo: Courtesy of PUMA

Your fave multi-hyphenate model-actress-activist (that’s Cara Delevingne, by the way) has teamed up with Puma and the United Nations Foundation to create a documentary series featuring stories of female empowerment.

The docuseries (set to launch in July) follows Delevingne as she travels to Uganda with the United Nations Foundation’s Girl Up campaign to raise awareness for providing education to refugee girls and learn about the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)’s response to the South Sudanese refugee crisis.

“When it comes to the refugee crisis, we can’t turn away. Seeing the statistics is important, but meeting and talking with the girls is another thing entirely. We can’t let the rest of the world be ignorant on the problem. We need to tell people what’s going on and how they can help,” Delevingne said.

Delevingne shared a preview of the series to her Instagram in which she is shown visiting refugee settlements and reflecting on what the goals of this campaign. (Watch it in the above 'gram.) “Any of these kids could be the person that cures cancer,” she says in the clip. “They just don’t have the opportunity, and all they want is an education, that is all they want.”

This documentary series is part of Puma’s latest #DOYOU campaign with Delevingne—a movement aiming to inspire others to embrace who they are.

Courtesy of PUMA
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