Camila Cabello Opened Up About Being Body-Shamed After Her Bikini Photos Went Viral

"The whole day I felt insecure."

Camila Cabello is taking the power away from her body shamers. In a new interview with Bustle, the singer opened up about people criticizing her body after unedited paparazzi photos of her wearing a bikini on the beach began to surface on the internet, and how addressing the hate head-on gave her the confidence boost she needed.

Back in June, Cabello was photographed wearing a blue tie-dye bathing suit and while clicking around on social media she recalled accidentally stumbling upon judgmental comments in response to the snapshots. "This hurts so bad," Cabello remembered. "The whole day I felt insecure. I felt like it was changing how I was thinking about food and eating… really messing me up." A month later, she was body-shamed again after running in a top that exposed her stomach, but this time, she didn't let the criticism fly.

In a now-viral TikTok video, Camila clapped back at trolls with an inspiring message of self-love. "I actually felt so liberated when I posted that," she said of the clip. "After that, I went to the airport and so many women were coming up to me like, 'I saw that TikTok and it resonated with me so much.' I actually feel my body insecurities went down after I posted that because I was like, 'No matter what pictures come out or what people say, I'm now controlling the narrative.'"

She went on to say she's come to the realization through therapy that "you can work out a few hours a day and never eat carbs and whatever, but that's just not a balanced life. That's not what I want." Cabello also added that she won't change the way she dresses from fear of being body-shamed. "I'm going to wear whatever, and if there's paparazzi around, that sucks, but I'm not going to completely reroute who I am for that," she said.

Instead, Camila has decided to live life by her new mantra — "being at war with your body is so last season" — and not worry about what people have to say.

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