Cameron Diaz Said Benji Madden Has "Written at Least a Dozen Songs" for Their Daughter

That's an entire album.

Baby Raddix already has a whole album worth of original material just for her. In a new interview, Cameron Diaz explained that being a father has inspired Benji Madden to write song after song for their daughter. Of course, the new parents are listening to the standards, but Diaz adds that it's not just Sesame Street's greatest hits on repeat.

"Well, since we have a little one, we are really jamming out to some dope Sesame Street jams," Diaz told Rolling Stone. "We got 'Baby Shark' in the mix, and of course Benj has written at least a dozen songs for her. So we are doing serious upbeat and often a cappella jams over here."

Cameron Diaz
Tibrina Hobson / Contributor

Diaz and Madden welcomed Raddix back in January. While being a mom during the coronavirus pandemic and quarantine has been unique for everyone, Diaz said that she's focusing on her family and home life, not missing the outside world. So, while Madden is penning tunes for the baby, Diaz is enjoying motherhood.

"In the last seven months I've entered the best phase of my life: motherhood!" she continued. "So it's been all about my home and family. And I am trying to participate in a thoughtful way in the larger and most important conversation that our society is currently engaged in."

While she's been out of the spotlight for a while, Diaz isn't rushing to get back into the business.

"Cameron is enjoying her time away from the action, and spending it with her husband and baby Raddix," a source told Entertainment Tonight in May. "Cameron worked consistently for almost 20 years and needed a break."

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