Calvin Klein's Raf Simons Hints at Major Collaborations

In the fashion world, Raf Simons is kind of a big deal. The 49-year-old designer may now be Calvin Klein's Creative Director, but he's also still celebrated for his work at the house of Dior and at his own namesake label. But what's next for Simons in his relatively new role at Calvin? A lot.

At the 2017 Time 100 Gala Tuesday night in New York, Simons, who was honored as one of The 100 Most Influential People this year, opened up about the short but sweet piece rapper A$AP Rocky wrote for the magazine.

"It was beautiful. It was nice," he told InStyle. "It's beautiful the way he kind of put that in words, in the context of this nomination," he added, explaining how the rapper also wrote about the designer's ability to influence younger generations.

As for what's to come at the brand, Simons revealed his approach to design will not change. "It has not at all and it will never," he told us. "There are different responsibilities. It's almost like a different body of work. Before I was not involved with certain aspects of the business at all, like fragrance, or the actresses that we worked with at Dior, that wasn't so much my call. Right now it's like constructing a whole new kind of work."

In addition to his runway collections, that work has most recently been seen through Calvin Klein's latest campaign, which featured Lauren Hutton, Rashida Jones, and Kirsten Dunst, to name a few. But, according to Simons, that's just the beginning. "You'll find out soon," he said in reference to what's next and whom he'll tap as muses. "If you're following, you already know some. I'm not going to say names ... but many new people. Many people, everywhere."

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