The shirts were custom made for each of them.


Sure, white button-down shirts are a common wardrobe staple that everyone likely has in their closets, but it wasn't until last night's 2020 AMAs that they became so seen – at least to me. That's because during their performance, each member of BTS paired their black pants with a slightly different version of the classic style.

During the show, the group performed their new single "Life Goes On" before ending with their hit song "Dynamite."

In one of the performances, RM, Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, J-Hope, Suga, and V all wore black and white outfits where the beauty was in the subtlety. Each shirt, designed by LEMETEQUE, had a slight difference including an oversized sleeve, a contrast stitch, and even a simple banded collar.

bts amas

"We made special seven white shirts for only BTS," the designer wrote on Instagram.

In August, BTS opened up with ET about how their year is going, "You know, 2020 has been truly a rough year for many and there were many surprises changes," RM explained "To be honest, we thought we needed a breakthrough from that, so we focused on what we can do the best and that was music and performance."