Brooke Shields Got "Emotional" Passing the Modeling Torch to Her Daughter

Their new Victoria's Secret campaign aims to celebrate motherhood in all forms.

Brooke shields and daughter in pajamas
Photo: Victoria's Secret

Brooke Shields is no stranger to the modeling world. In fact, the entertainment industry practically raised her. Since earning her big break at only 11 years old, the multi-hyphenate has become a household name by gracing covers and heading campaigns for some of the biggest brands in the world — not to mention her successful acting career. But to her two daughters, Rowan and Grier Henchy, Brooke isn't a world-famous model, actress, or author. She's just a mom who's passionate about watching her children pursue passions of their own — which, in Grier's case, includes carrying her mom's modeling legacy.

While it's normal for a proud mom to cheer for a child on from the sidelines (which Brooke certainly does), it's not every day that they get to join in alongside them while celebrating the beauty of motherhood in all forms. So, when the supermodel turned super-mom was given the chance to show 15-year-old Grier the ropes while modeling as a duo for Victoria's Secret's Intergenerational Mother's Day campaign, Brooke knew the experience would be special for them both.

"It was very emotional and it was as if I was watching my baby girl grow up right in front of my eyes," Brooke told InStyle. " It was truly a proud moment to be able to model alongside my daughter for such a meaningful campaign. To be amongst such dynamic women with such beautiful mother-daughter narratives is so indicative of Victoria's Secret's dedication to celebrating all women."

Brooke shields and daughter in pajamas
Victoria's Secret

Like any great mom, Brooke is protective of her daughter and admitted that it's scary to watch Grier enter a field that's changed drastically since she first started in the '70s. While Shields is confident her daughter will be fine in the end — "She has a really good head on her shoulders," Shields said — she hopes to see Grier continue working in campaigns like Victoria's Secret's that contain positive messages and strive to lift women up.

"I would absolutely love for Grier to continue to participate in meaningful and inspiring campaigns like this, that empower the love that women have for each other," Brooke said. "I think it is so important for her to understand that true beauty derives from loving yourself and others. For her to participate in modeling ventures that embrace women in so many facets of their lives is such a gift in this industry."

Brooke added, "Victoria's Secret is truly capturing this message and I couldn't be more excited for this campaign to be a part of her very own modeling journey."

Although Brooke said Grier has her sights set on college next, one thing's for certain: The budding model can now add posing chops to the list of things she's inherited from her mother — along with some vintage Chanel jackets, apparently. "Both of my daughters raid my closet almost daily," Brooke shared.

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