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How to Find Jeans That Fit Your Butt Perfectly, According to Brooke Shields

I’ve written about the struggle of finding comfortable jeans before and now, I’m happy to report that someone else feels the same way: Brooke Shields. Yes, the 52-year-old model indeed faces her own set of sartorial challenges (despite the fact that she’s Brooke Shields), which is why she’s partnered with QVC to design a collection aptly called Brooke Shields Timeless. It includes a full range of ready-to-wear items and accessories, but specifically, the icon was interested in creating the perfect jeans. “I have been part of every single process of the design, so I have seen it all in my sleep. Watching people come up and touch it, and expressing the feel, and watching their eyes, and watching people mingle around with the clothing—this is the first time I’ve seen human beings near my pieces,” she told us Wednesday night at her collection’s launch party in N.YC. VIDEO: How Brooke Shields's Calvins Ended Up in The Met The lineup—which includes button-ups, floral blouses, skirts, scarves, and jewelry—ranges from $29 to $109, and includes sizes between XS to 3X. She wanted it to be inclusive, and accessible for everyone. “You can’t just design something bigger. You have to proportionately design accordingly, and I have separate fit models for that. It’s important to really take all of that into consideration because your focus is your customer. My focus is aiding and helping women take some of the guess work out of their wardrobe, but not lose their own individuality," she said. So how did she make sure to design jeans that feel like leggings? First, it’s all about your attitude. “I think it’s a matter of loving your butt first, and then clothing it kindly,” she said. “With our particular jean, in the straight-leg in particular, the cropped and the tall, it’s a matter of fabrication. You need enough stretch for it to hug in the right places. But the proportion of the zipper has to be exact.” “There’s nothing worse than having a denim and the zipper is not up to par. You need good button closure, you need a good zipper that’s strong, and you need the right fabrication,” she added. “I believe in showing our bodies more than trying to hide them, and I think it’s especially very currently now—the idea, which I try to teach my children, of celebrating your individuality and who you are, no matter what size, no matter what you look like, and that was a huge piece for me.” Shields added that you should feel comfortable taking on whatever fashion and beauty trend helps you feel incredible. “I think when you start to change the way you look then I think people get into trouble,” she said. “Find what’s available to you to make you feel more confident.” You can shop QVC’s Brooke Shields Timeless collection when it airs on Feb. 15 at 7 p.m. ET, with the full line launching March 14 at 11 p.m. ET. Scroll down to see more of it now.
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