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There’s one major reason why everybody loves the Pitch Perfect movies. Yes, the A cappella covers are catchy and Fat Amy’s one-liners are amusing. But the heart of the franchise, and perhaps the biggest explanation for why it has returned for not one but two sequels, is the Barden Bellas' funny, dysfunctional, and always relatable friendships.

And according to founding Bella Brittany Snow, that kind of chemistry just can’t be faked.

“In real life, we’re like sisters,” Snow tells InStyle, namechecking co-stars Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, and Anna Camp, among others. “We’ve gone on vacations, we’ve been in each others weddings, we've gotten into fights and gone through breakups together. There is an endless list of all the things we’ve done for each other. And the fact that we’ve come away from a movie with a whole new family is really special.”

With a five-year history behind them, Snow says the cast was understandably a little weepy when they wrapped the third and likely final film earlier this year. “It was a really tough day,” she says. “There’s a big finale number at the end, and we are all legitimately crying in it. I think we realized that this time together will be ending, and it’s sad because we really love each other.”

Luckily, Kendrick swooped in with a group pick-me-up. “Anna gives the best wrap gifts,” says Snow. “She gave all of us this amazing Barden Bellas necklace. It doesn’t have a B on it or anything like that, but it’s just really pretty gold and very dainty.”

Snow went a little more old school for her gift, giving the cast members their own personal mix tape. “Well, it was actually a CD, not a tape,” she says. “I gave it to them with a collage of pictures too.”

Perhaps that mix tape will come in handy the next time the ladies have an Aca-reunion. “We have a huge group chat going, so we’re always talking and trying to see each other. I think a few of the girls are meeting up today actually,” she says. “We don’t do karaoke or anything together, but we do usually end up singing something when we hang out.”

So who is actually the most pitch perfect of the bunch? “We all collectively agree that Ester Dean has the best voice,” she says. “Whenever she opens her mouth, we’re all like ‘Damn, she’s good.”

Snow obviously has an ear for talent, which has recently inspired her to support up-and-coming musical acts. Just last week, she hosted the SweeTarts Acapellooza concert at the University of Southern California, where collegiate singing groups from all over the country competed for a spot to perform. The experience, she says, reminded her of own early Aca days.

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“I auditioned for Pitch Perfect over six years ago, and I remember being terrified,” she says. “So I sang Cee Lo Green’s song “F—ck You” because I figured if I shocked them in some way they would remember me. I guess it worked!”

Pitch Perfect 3 is in theaters Dec. 22.