Britney Spears Wore a Partially Sheer White Mini Dress

With her first ever (!!) pair of red heels.

Britney Spears is giving us her own version of a clothing haul on Instagram. And on Monday, the "Gimme More" singer posted a minute-long video of her new white dress, complete with new red pumps.

In the video, Spears wore a mock neck, long-sleeve white mini dress that appears to have a sheer, striped top. "Here's a minute of me in my new white dress 🙄👗🙄 !!!," she captioned the post.

The "Toxic" singer went on to write that the heels she wore in the video were her first pair of red heels.

"I went to a reggae party 🎉 … a band played and the music was really cool !!!," she continued. "I've been thinking about life and what my version of success is … to me it's knowing I've used my heart over my head and it's hard sometimes because of ego … but sometimes ego is protection !!!! I gotta get the hell out of here … ok … I'm talking nonsense 😂😂😂 !!!"

She then went on to reveal that the while she lived in Vegas for her residency — which grossed nearly $138 million, per Daily Mail — the nightlife wasn't really her scene. "I was thinking about when I did shows in Vegas … the four years I was there I went out only two times !!!!," she shared. "Unfortunately I'm not lying 🤷🏼‍♀️🙄 but that's not why I'm sharing this with you guys … it was the only one time I wore a white costume !!!! I know it sounds weird but to my surprise I believe the colors you wear reflect back to you in a way 🌈🌈🌈 !!!!"

She continued, "Psss I'm not sure anybody on my crew ever wore color in the four years I was there …. in other words …. people it may be uncool but let's start wearing bright colors 😂😂😂🤓🤓🤓 !!!!"

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