Britney Spears Rolled Around Topless on the Beach

As one does.

Britney Spears Black Dress iHeartRadio Music Festival 2013
Photo: Getty Images

Britney Spears is obviously thriving in her freedom and newfound control — her blurry Instagram nudes and evolving fashion sense prove that. Now, she is kicking back and letting loose while soaking up the sun during a recent beach trip.

The singer posted an ocean-side video to Instagram on Wednesday that showed her sitting in the waves and dipping her toes into the water. At one point in the video, Britney rolled around in a blue-and-white bikini before going topless and rolling around in the sand, clearly relishing in her independence.

"Baby Did a Bad Thing PART 2 !!!" she captioned the clip before crediting Chris Isaak with the background song, "Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing." Part one of this series came in February, when she posted another topless beach recording, in which she wore yellow-and-pink bikini bottoms.

Britney's lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, recently filed a petition asking the court to deny her mother Lynne Spears's request to have Britney pay her attorney fees, which accumulated when Lynne helped her daughter end her conservatorship. According to legal documents obtained by Entertainment Tonight, Rosengart says Britney should not have to pay Lynne's $663,202 legal fees.

"First, and most fundamentally, there is no legal authority supporting the petition," he said before adding that the petition has "no authority at all to support the conclusion that a conservatorship estate can be held financially responsible for the attorney's fees of a third party."

Lynne claimed she hired Jones Swanson Huddell & Garrison LLC to help Britney, but the singer's lawyer has come back saying that Lynne, "had the right to hire and pay for her own counsel, from her own funds, this is, in effect, an issue between Lynne Spears and her lawyers, and there is no legal basis for placing Britney Spears in the middle of it."

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