Britney Spears Opened Up About Her Insecurities on Instagram

"Sometimes it's nice to not try so hard and pull down your walls."

Britney Spears's Instagram feed showed a new side of her today. Even though she's quarantining and not performing for packed Las Vegas audiences, Spears never skips her glam — those backyard cartwheels have to look good, after all. In a new post, however, the superstar opens up about her insecurities and shared a rare photo of her wearing glasses instead of her usual dark eyeliner.

"Instagram versus Reality!!!!" she captioned the photo, which had her skip out on the peasant blouses and crop tops she normally wears for a flannel button-up. She went on to talk about how she can feel insecure when she's not wearing full makeup and how it felt good for her to "not try so hard" once in a while and "put down your walls."

"I wanted to show you what I really look like on a daily basis !!!!" she continued. "I can get insecure when photos are taken of me that I'm not prepared for ….. so I have always put so much effort into my appearance … but you know sometimes it's nice to not try so hard and pull down your walls every now and then!!!! It takes a lot of strength to do that!!!"

Her toned-down look didn't last long. In a follow-up post, Spears shared herself wearing a rhinestone-embellished dress and her signature makeup look.

"I know ... me in a party dress seems kinda unheard of but I'm not sure what the bright light was about !!!!" she captioned the photo. "No it's not apart of the dress ... no it's not a ruffle !!!! The pic just came out that way ... things that make you go hmmmmmm !!!!"

Spears's Instagram has been under scrutiny lately. Screenwriter Kelly Oxford called the content "scary" — and Spears's boyfriend, Sam Asghari, clapped back.

"What's so scary about the biggest superstar in the world being herself (authentic, funny, humble) without caring what others think," he wrote. "We need more people like her and less Karen's."

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