Britney Spears's Father Is Officially Suspended From Her Conservatorship

For the first time in 13 years, he won't be overseeing her entire life.

At a court hearing today in Los Angeles, Judge Brenda Penny granted Britney Spears's legal team's petition to suspend her father, Jamie Spears, as conservator of her $60 million estate, the New York Times reports. Mathew S. Rosengart, Spears's lawyer, insisted that the move was in her best interest — and Judge Penny agreed, saying that "the current situation is not tenable."

For now, John Zabel, a California accountant, will act as temporary conservator of Spears's finances. While certain members of Spears's team wanted to terminate the conservatorship immediately, Judge Penny's decision will allow for further investigations surrounding Jamie Spears's conduct to continue.

"She wants him out of her life today rather than a lingering and toxic presence," Rosengart said during the hearing. "Britney deserves to wake up tomorrow without her father as her conservator."

Britney Spears
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Earlier this summer, Britney pleaded with the court to end her conservatorship, making her first public statement on the matter.

"I am traumatized," she said in court in June. She urged Judge Penny to investigated and jail all parties involved in overseeing her conservatorship and saying that her father was "the one who approved all of it."

Spears's team requested that a termination hearing be set for 30 to 45 days from now. Additionally, Rosengart called for a thorough investigation of Jamie Spears's involvement in his daughter's estate, including the possibility of "unwarranted commissions" and "potential self-dealing" dating back to 2008.

CNN adds that the conservatorship of Britney's person, which is managed by Jodi Montgomery, currently remains in place.

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