Britney Spears Gave an Update on Her Conservatorship While Wearing a Bikini on Instagram

She revealed things are "way better."

Britney Spears is letting fans know that things with her conservatorship are "way better." On Thursday, the singer took to Instagram to give her followers an update and answer some unrelated fan questions — in a bikini, naturally.

In a video shared to her grid, Spears lounged by the pool wearing a red bathing suit, matching nail polish, and bright white shades. She paired the look with a messy ponytail and layered necklaces.

"I'm sure a lot of you guys are wondering how I'm doing, and since the cat is out of the bag — literally, out of the bag — and you guys know my situation, I do want to let you guys know, things are way better than what I ever anticipated," the pop icon said.

She then went on to answer other burning questions, like her favorite store (J.Crew), favorite Miley Cyrus song ("We Can't Stop"), and which Lays potato chips she prefers (spoiler: she's a "real deal Lays" kind of girl.)

A source also confirmed to Entertainment Tonight that the singer is, in fact, feeling much "more liberated" these days after her bombshell hearings in June. "As the days go by, Britney feels more and more liberated — mentally, emotionally and physically," the source told the publication, adding that her boyfriend Sam Asghari is "definitely a huge part of that."

The insider continued, "Britney is fearless and she has reached the point of truly feeling like she has nothing left to lose."

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