By Brandi Fowler
Updated Apr 26, 2016 @ 6:15 pm
Britney Spears and Sons
Credit: Instagram/britneyspears

Britney Spears's sons are one talented duo. Just a couple of months after showing off her children's acrobatic skills on a trampoline, the superstar singer was at it again, sharing more videos on Instagram this week of Jayden James, 9, and Sean Preston, 10, hitting flips and tricks on the trampoline again.

In a clip set to Rihanna's "Work" that Britney posted Tuesday, the boys have a blast as they put on a backflip-filled show for their mom, ending it up with belly flops with big smiles on their faces. The mom of two also shared a video Monday that shows one of her sons saying, "Can I go?," before hitting a front flip as she films him on her cell phone. "Woo! Stuck it," she can be heard saying in the background.

It's clear these two flippers have a thing for their beloved trampoline—and stepping up their skills on it. Earlier this year, Spears showed off a video of Sean landing a half twist lay out with ease. "This little man can flip!," she captioned the clip.

Now that they have a trampoline of their own at home to practice their skills, who knows where their talents will take them. 2024 Summer Olympics, maybe?