A pop music and coronavirus safety icon.


Britney Jean Spears, the purveyor of the most iconic pop songs and more recently, polkadot bikinis and bangs, is now my mask-wearing icon. As if she hasn't given us enough already, the singer went to the beach with her boyfriend, Sam Asghari, and highlighted how wearing a mask to protect yourself from the spread of coronavirus is a beautiful thing.

"All you need is love and the beach ….," Spears wrote alongside photos of her and Asghari walking, laying on the sand, and selfie-ing, with their masks on. She was wearing her signature pink bikini and choker and he wore a muscle tee and shorts.

The beach has been a hot topic in the time of COVID-19, as people crowd them all across the country skipping the mask entirely, sparking fear of an uptick in cases. In Los Angeles County (where Spears likely is) you are actually required to wear one when you're not in the water. That's because, according to the CDC, cloth face coverings should be worn in places where it is difficult to distance, and right now, the beaches are crowded. So, even though the risk is lower because you're outside, Spears has it right. Wear a mask to protect everyone because it's the easiest — and probably most effective — thing you can do.

Masks are a part of life now. They are not political, they are for your safety and they can save lives. Be like Britney and just wear one.