Her court appointed attorney Sam Ingham III has resigned from the singer's counsel.


Britney Spears is still fighting for her freedom. And after her longtime court-appointed attorney Sam Ingham III turned in his resignation from her counsel — and stated that another attorney should be appointed by the court — she's requesting that she be allowed to appoint her own attorney, rather than receiving another court-appointed one.

This time, she has received some support in her request. Both her mother, Lynne Spears, and personal conservator Jodi Montgomery are vying for the singer to be allowed to appoint her own attorney without another medical evaluation. Lynne wrote to Judge Brenda Penny asking her to "listen to the wishes of her daughter," according to DailyMail.

In court documents obtained by People, Montgomery, as well as Spear's lawyer Lauriann Wright, also request that the pop star be permitted to hire a new attorney herself.

"This Petition for the Appointment of a Guardian ad Litem arises from the fact that the Conservatee, Ms. Spears, wants to select her own attorney, does not want one appointed solely by this Court, and does not want to undergo any additional evaluations to determine her capacity," the statement reads.

The document continues, "After 13 years of court-appointed counsel, she wants to select her own counsel. At the hearing on June 23, 2021, Ms. Spears addressed the Court and repeatedly expressed her desire to select her own counsel, without an additional medical evaluation."

This all comes after the "Toxic" singer's explosive court statement, which revealed the sad truths of the ongoing abusive conservatorship that she is subjected to. She also took to Instagram to apologize to fans for "pretending like I've been ok the past two years."

The singer has still been very active on Instagram amidst the ongoing battles for her freedom. She recently posted a topless photo from behind, where she's hitting on the edge of a bathtub. She captioned the post with three ballet point-shoe emojis.