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Brigitte Bardot Slams the #MeToo Movement as "Hypocritical, Ridiculous, and Uninteresting"
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The Most Memorable Swimwear Moments in Film
Swimwear has come a long way from skirted one-pieces to barely-there bikinis, and no doubt how bathing beauties are portrayed in the movie industry has helped to shift the tide. From Deborah Kerr’s skirted one-piece in From Here to Eternity to Bo Derek’s nude suit in 10 to Kate Bosworth’s surfer style in Blue Crush, these iconic swimwear moments helped to define the popular styles of each decade. Keep scrolling to relive the most memorable bathing suit scenes in movie history.
What 10 Old-Hollywood Stars Would Look Like with Kim Kardashian's Contour
These days it’s seemingly impossible to scroll through Instagram without seeing a contoured cheekbone or highlighted brow. But before Kim Kardashian West and her revolutionary shading techniques came around, Hollywood’s elite had a different take on their makeup routine (think rosy cheeks, glossy lips, and major lashes). So what would these iconic celebrities look like if they lived in the age of the contour? We’ve given old Hollywood stars like Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, and Sophia Loren a modern makeover, shading and highlighting their cheekbones like only Mario Dedivanovic could. Keep scrolling to see how even the slightest of contour can totally change your face shape.
The Ultimate French Girl Style Guide
Welcome to InStyle ♥ Paris! Throughout November, we're bringing you everything you need to know about the City of Light. Whether you're looking to dine at a chic mainstay in the Left Bank or soak up the nightlife scene, you'll leave feeling like a local. See everything we're loving about Paris right now.
See How Swimsuits Have Evolved Through the Ages
When it comes to swimwear these days, there are endless styles and options to choose from. There's the minimalist one-piece, the retro-style separates, the skimpy triangle bikini, and frankly, anything in between. But that wasn't always the case. Back in the mid-1800s, women wore full-length, full-coverage dresses that limited any kind of swimming activity to simply wading in the water. Flash forward to post-World War I and the first-ever one-piece, or maillot, was invented, but because of its wool composition, it sagged when it was wet. And then there were the string bikinis that only the likes of Brigitte Bardot or Christie Brinkley could pull off in the '60s and '70s like the bombshells they were. And now it's come full circle, thanks to Taylor Swift, who was in no small part responsible for bringing back the retro, 1950s-style aesthetic. Scroll through our timeline to see how swimsuits have evolved through the ages.

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20 Stunning Vintage Photos of the Best Dressed Stars at the Cannes Film Festival
It's no secret that a major part of why we tune in to the Cannes Film Festival red carpet is to see our favorite stars don some of the year's most glamorous gowns. Take, for instance, Amal Clooney, who dropped jaws in a pastel yellow Atelier Versace dress as she arrived hand-in-hand with husband George Clooney for the premiere of his new project, Money Monster, on Thursday. Yes, the fashion of today is unlike those that precede it, but Hollywood's favorites have delivered unforgettable moments since the festival's first run in 1946. That's why we're celebrating 70 years of exceptional looks with a look at 20 of our all-time favorites. Above, Elizbeth Taylor did what Elizabeth Taylor did best in 1987, rocking a bright red dress with shoulders that truly speak to the decade's over-the-top style. Throw in major Jean Paul Gaultier designs from Madonna, and pictures of elegance way, way back from household names like Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe, and you have the best of the best. PHOTOS: See All the Best Looks from the 2016 Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet Scroll through to see our top 20 picks.
Step Up Your Airport Style Game with Inspiration from These Iconic Stars
Whether you’re catching an early morning flight or an overnight red-eye, it can be hard to get motivated to dress up for the airport. From Selena Gomez’s matching sweats to Kendall Jenner’s travel uniform of leggings and sneaks, today’s celebrities have proven that we’re not alone in our casual airport ensembles. But long before sweatpants and stilettos was a trend, the tarmac was a runway and stars treated it as such. From Marilyn Monroe’s elegant dresses that hugged every curve to Brigitte Bardot’s mod minis and thigh-high boots, these fashion icons put their best foot forward as they stepped off the jetway. RELATED: Get Inspired by Celebs' Latest Airport Style Keep scrolling to see 14 gorgeous photos of yesterday’s style icons that will inspire you to trade in those leggings for something a little more glam on your next trip to the airport.