And she brought along a few friends.

By Christopher Luu
Jul 02, 2020 @ 5:44 pm

Oscar-winner. Captain Marvel. YouTuber. That's Brie Larson after posting her very first YouTube video and officially tossing herself into the realm of beauty how-tos, very spicy chicken wings, K-Pop choreography, and cute animals. Vulture reports that Larson became a YouTuber today and if her first video, titled "So, I made a decision," is an indication of where her channel is going, the world should prep for an onslaught of amazing content. 

In her YouTube debut, Larson promises that her videos will include the requisite "silly content" and "ways for me to express myself personally." But it's not all light. She also explained that she'll be featuring "deep conversations, antiracist rhetoric," and "inclusive content." Part of that content includes promises to make the world's largest muffin (important) and feature kangaroos (also imperative) in upcoming videos.

brie larson
Credit: VALERIE MACON / Contributor

For her big YouTube premiere, Larson enlisted a whos-who from the platform to join in. Viewers can enjoy cameos from favorites such as vid extraordinaire iJustine, AsapSCIENCE, hot sauce savant Sean Evans, Michelle Khare, comedian Lilly Singh, LaurDIY, and Connor Franta. But. That's. Not. All. Larson also invited her friend, actress Jessie Ennis, and even her own mother. 

Unlike man of her fellow YouTubers, she didn't close with the requisite plea for viewers to "like and subscribe" — instead, she pointed out that we all have "free will" — but there's no doubt she'd appreciate fans doing just that. Fingers crossed that future vids include appearances from her Avengers cohorts (Use those connections!) and her two dogs, Bowie and Jonathan.