Brie Larson on the One Part of Her Job that Makes Her Feel “Less Alone”

We caught up with the Captain Marvel star at the film's NYC screening Wednesday night.

Brie Larson Captain Marvel
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Even though she’s fronting the season’s biggest blockbuster as its titular superhero Captain Marvel, Brie Larson says she’s an introvert who sometimes struggles with all the attention. “I was home schooled, and I started making movies as a way of being able to express [the way I felt]," the star said at a special screening of Captain Marvel in New York Wednesday night. Acting can be a pretty solitary undertaking, and Larson doesn't always get the instant feedback that her performances resonate — or that her real-life feelings are coming through, she explained. "It's like I'm writing in the sky saying, ‘Does anybody else feel this way?’"

The actress went on to describe the moments when she gets to meet super-fans of Captain Marvel dressed up in costumes as particularly special. "For me, these moments are the only times when I'm around people who see what I do," she says. "[It's] when I get to see oh, you feel what I do, too. And I feel less alone.”

The Captain Marvel screening hosted by Fiji Water and The Cinema Society at a theater in lower Manhattan had plenty of fans around to ease any nerves Larson may have had to shake. Padma Lakshmi and her daughter, Debra Messing, Zachary Quinto, and more all made appearances. But Larson seemed to feel most at home with the younger crowd, like one 8-year-old girl she pulled aside for a flying super-hero posed pic.

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Larson, who arrived at the screening in a sparkle-packed two piece Rodarte look, seems to be coming out of her shell thanks to her planet-saving role in Marvel Studio's first female-led superhero movie. “The theme of this whole press tour has been owning my body. And understanding that it changes from day to day," she said. "What feels empowering to me, what makes me feel good is going to be different. Sometimes it's super flowy and feminine. Sometimes I wanna wear a suit. Sometimes I want to lean into my youth. Sometimes I want to be an older version of myself. And I'm allowed to do whatever I want.”

We also heard from actress Annette Bening who plays the Supreme Intelligence in the movie — a role she's worked hard to keep well under wraps until the film hits theaters on March 8. She even refused to divulge details on the red carpet right before attendees were going to watch the film. But Bening fans needn't worry, her first dip into the superhero universe certainly packs a punch.

The actress, who is also about to appear as Sen. Dianne Feinstein in The Report later this year, had this to say about her recent powerful female roles: "I think what’s great about strong female characters is their dimension, because when you're a strong woman, you also have softness, you also have vulnerability. The great characters are the charters that have that humanness to them. In [Captain Marvel], I am ‘the Supreme Intelligence.’ So I am just sort of strong. The Report [on the other hand] is a very serious movie about the CIA's secret torture program during the Bush administration. Sen. Dianne Feinstein was the head of the intelligence committee that basically exposed it. She's a supreme intelligence of another kind.”

Captain Marvel opens in theaters March 8.

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