He also talked about co-parenting since their split.

By Alyssa Hardy
Aug 03, 2020 @ 11:46 am

Brian Austin Green is getting real about his split from Megan Fox and her new relationship with Machine Gun Kelly. On the podcast “Hollywood Raw,” he was asked about the moment he found out Fox was dating and he responded, "I found out in my own way. And that’s as much detail as I’ll give you on that one. I didn’t read about it or anything like that.”

Fox and Green were together for over ten years and share three children. Green also opened up about what it's been like co-parenting since the split. "I think it’s going as well as it can," he explained. "There’s no rule book to it. There’s no way of doing it right or doing it wrong. We are learning as we go. The important thing for us is just communicating as much as we can."

He later discussed the impact on their kids. “I think the realization for us is we can’t take the view that it won’t affect the kids, because it will. I think it’s up to us, and parents in general, how it affects your kids. Whether it’s a really negative experience or it’s OK and they feel safe in it and feel loved. Everyone still loves and respects everyone, things are just different. It’s not bad different, it’s just different,” he continued. “I wish Megan the absolute best in everything. I want her to be completely happy, for her, for the kids. That’s super important. No one wants to be around somebody that’s unhappy, nothing good comes out of that. That’s a terrible situation. We are taking it day by day. This is insane, this happened at an unfortunate time that nobody could have predicted with quarantine and the virus and all of that. The news cycle is a bit bigger than we were prepared for. It is what it is.”

Soon after the news of the split broke, Fox and Machine Gun Kelly went public with their relationship. In the months since they have done music videos together, and have gone Instagram official. In one post, Machine Gun Kelly wrote, "waited for eternity to find you again ... "