Did Brian Austin Green Just Troll Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly?

The Instagram shade wasn't exactly subtle.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly (Colson Baker) have been enjoying an incredibly public quarantine affair in the months since she and ex-husband Brian Austin Green officially called it quits in May.

Just days ago Green made headlines when he addressed Fox’s new relationship and co-parenting post-split. "I found out in my own way,” he said of Fox and Baker's relationship, “And that’s as much detail as I’ll give you on that one.” OK, mysterious, but classy (enough).

Well, it seems things might not be quite as amicable as previously imagined.

On Wednesday, Fox shared a new mirror selfie of herself and her rapper beau, both of whom were wearing towels wrapped around their waists. “Achingly Beautiful Boy... My heart is yours,” Fox captioned the post.

About three hours later, Green shared a post of his own: a slideshow with a photo of each of his four sons (three of whom he shares with Fox). The caption? You guessed it: “Achingly beautiful boys...... My heart is yours.”

In the podcast, Green also discussed how co-parenting is going saying, "there’s no rule book to it. There’s no way of doing it right or doing it wrong. We are learning as we go. The important thing for us is just communicating as much as we can."

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