Nicole Poturalski Responded to People That Say She and Brad Pitt "Hate" Angelina Jolie


Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Nicole Poturalski. Dave J Hogan/Getty Images, Steve Granitz/WireImage,

As rumors about model Nicole Poturalski and Brad Pitt's relationship continue to swirl, stories about what Pitt's ex-wife, Angelina Jolie, thinks of the couple are coming out left and right. For example, on their former wedding anniversary, Us Weekly claimed that Pitt took Poturalski to his and Jolie's wedding venue. "Brad knows exactly what he is doing and the reaction it’s going to get from Angelina," the outlet said about the trip.

According to The Mirror, she was "furious and utterly stunned Brad could stoop this low." Outside of this, Pitt and Jolie's divorce is still not finalized and has hit some roadblocks with the judge being accused of impartiality.

While some Jolie-Pitt shippers want to put rumors of ill-will between the two on Poturalski, the model is ready to shut that down. On Instagram, she posted a photo of herself wearing an orange button-up dress. In the caption, she wrote, "Happy people don't hate." She didn't stop there though because when another person wrote, "Louder for the people in the back...," she responded, "WE LOVE. WE SUPPORT. WE SMILE. LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL. BIGGEST KISS."

These comments didn't stop some fans from bringing Pitt and Jolie into the mix, however. "If so, then why you & Brad hate Angelina? Practice what you preach, girl," another person wrote. Poturalski kept her response simple, and to the point. "Not hating anyone," she told them.

Poturalski and Pitt have reportedly been hanging out for over a year, after having met in August 2019. "They are spending some time together on vacation and are enjoying each other’s company while traveling," a source explained.

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