Brad Pitt and Harry Styles Movie Rumor Is Apparently False

I'll cherish the memory of what could have been for the rest of my life.

UPDATE 8/19/2020 at 2:00 P.M.: According to ET Canada, Brad Pitt's reps have confirmed that any rumor of a Harry Styles and Brad Pitt film collab is completely "false." Reps for me have confirmed that I am devastated.


The good hair overlords have heard our wishes: Brad Pitt and Harry Styles might be starring in a movie together.

Vértice Cine, a Latin American and European movie distributor, reports that Styles has been cast alongside Pitt in the upcoming film, Faster, Cheaper, Better. While there is no official word from the film's producers or the actors, even a slight rumor is enough to get everyone excited.

On Twitter, fans did not hide their thirst for the potential collaboration between the two adored stars. "brad pitt and harry styles... acting together... in a movie... i mean i'm not saying i'm freaking out but THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I'M SAYING" one person wrote on Twitter. "Harry Styles and Brad Pitt in a movie, I DONT THINK I’LL SURVIVE THAT THANKS," reiterated another.

To be totally honest, SAME. Just imagine an awards circuit with Brad and Harry, laughing together, matching in Gucci earrings, tousling their hair at one another. What. A. World.

Still no confirmation at the time of this story, but we will 100% update the second we know.

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