People Can't Get Enough of These Photos of Brad Pitt Volunteering

"How dare he be this hot."

Brad Pitt has had a pretty productive 2020.

Since the world has been on pause this year, the actor managed to nab an Emmy nomination for his portrayal of Dr. Fauci, reunited with Jennifer Aniston for a charity table read, dated and broke up with a model, and even found time for volunteer work.

Last week, Pitt was spotted handing out boxes of groceries to families in need in Los Angeles. According to Daily Mail, he drove and unloaded a truck full of groceries himself "for hours."

Brad Pitt Volunteered and Became a Meme

"Brad really did seem like a hero, the man did not stop all day," an eyewitness told the outlet. "Just seeing him driving a big truck in South Central L.A. during COVID times was in itself amazing. He was completely committed, you could see it wasn't a case of him turning up and showing his face. He had his gloves on and he was involved as much and probably more than anyone else there. His heart was in it and it was just a hats-off moment. It seemed like it was the real Brad Pitt, which we don't really ever get to see."

The insider added that he was there "between three and four hours and he would only stop every hour or so to have a quick three-minute break to smoke a cigarette and then he was back at it."

Naturally, his act of goodwill did not go unnoticed by the internet.

"There was zero swagger, when he went out to hand over boxes to the crowds he had his mask on," Daily Mail's source said. "Most people in the crowd probably didn't know who he was."

We'd disagree — sure, he may be lowkey about his fame, but these photos are full of swagger.

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