Brad Pitt's Rosé Champagne Sounds Luxe as Hell

Warning: A single bottle may drain your bank account.

Miraval rosé has long stood (for me, at least) as that fancy wine you buy when your direct deposit just came through and your current mantra is "you deserve nice things." Or, you know, when you're grieving the end of the era we like to call Brangelina (pour one, or five, out for Mr. & Mrs. Smith). Fleur de Miraval, the long-awaited rosé champagne from Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's French chateau, however, is more of a "happy hour with the Queen" type beverage.

The Champagne hits the U.S. market Oct. 15 and a bottle will cost you around $390. So the fiscal equivalent of our emotional investment in Brad and Angelina's everlasting love, essentially?

"Miraval isn't a 'celebrity' wine for me," Pitt, a celebrity, told People of his side hustle. "It's not just a passing trend."

NEWS: Brad Pitt's Champagne
Amy Sussman/Getty Images

"Champagne conjures up feelings of celebration, quality, prestige, and luxury," the actor explained. "But rosé Champagne is still relatively unknown. Backed by our success with Miraval in Provence, I wanted us to try to create the defining brand of rosé Champagne, focusing all our efforts on just this one color."

I'd toast to that.

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