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Bozoma Saint John - Lead
Credit: Emman Montalvan/Tack Artists

Before you wrap up a meeting with Bozoma Saint John—the self-proclaimed “bad mama jama” charged with reinventing Apple’s entertainment strategy as Head of Global Marketing—you will receive at least one high five.

“It’s a great source of excitement,” she says. “And if I’m not having fun at the office, then the consumers we’re trying to reach aren’t having fun either.”

Generating buzz around Apple Music is Saint John’s endgame (Beyoncé’s 2013 Superbowl halftime performance? Yup, that was her), but on a daily basis she aims to create a positive, inspiring work space for her team of music-industry insiders—here's how.

Don’t Separate Your Personal Style from Your Work

“I truly believe that all aspects of your life are interconnected and you should embrace that rather than try to fight it, because that’s what makes you genuine. Rather than adopting a ‘business persona,’ allow your personality to be reflected in the way you dress for the office, the way you answer emails, and the way you conduct yourself in meetings and on social media. I tweet and Instagram just the way I talk, so what you see is what you get when you meet me in person.”

Be a Professional People Watcher

“I am a constant observer of others,and people-watching is my all-time favorite activity, regardless of whether I’m in a café in Paris or sitting in my office. I don’t just observe appearances but also ideas and conversations—even conversations that I’m not a part of. My ear-hustle game is strong. I get so much inspiration from what those around me are doing, saying, and thinking.”

Balance the Heavy with the Hilarious

At the end of every team meeting, I leave five minutes to celebrate each other. Work meetings can feel heavy—they are filled with tasks that need to be accomplished and challenges that need to be faced, so complimenting your colleagues on something they’ve worked on or produced is a way of injecting some happiness into an otherwise routine gathering.”

Make a Brag List

“There’s no room for copycats, so I think it’s important that you bring your own personal brand to the table. Sit down and make a list of three or four things you love about yourself that you can bring to your job. Then you’ll always have something positive and unique to highlight when you’re interviewing for a position, talking to your boss, or pitching ideas to others. If that’s not Monday motivation, then I don't know what is.”