By Hallie Gould
Updated Jan 05, 2016 @ 11:00 am
Bikini Body Positivity

Every year, there is a constant fascination with acquiring an adequate "bikini body," and the scrutiny grows when it comes to picking apart, idolizing, and judging the figures of those in the spotlight.

We'd like to change the conversation. Women of all shapes and sizes hit the beach and look absolutely beautiful—skinny, curvy, athletic, petite, pear-shaped, and any other fruit shape we've assigned to the female body. It's about time we stop picking each other apart and celebrate every nook and cranny our figures have to offer.

Here, we've rounded up images that are not only gorgeous (duh) but that have been posted by the A-Lister themselves. No stalker paparazzi shots, no creepy "you'll never believe who has cellulite" headlines. Because guess what? We all have cellulite. Sorry, world.