Twitter Is Loving Blue Ivy's Cameo in the New Ivy Park Video

Is Blue the only person who can steal the spotlight from Beyoncé?

The next Ivy Park x Adidas collection (drip 2, officially) will be available on October 30, but the brand's latest promo clip is giving the Beyhive and Blue Ivy stans reason to celebrate. The 8-year-old had a cameo in a video posted to Beyoncé's social media feeds promoting the new launch and according to fans on Twitter, she may just have enough sass and style to outshine her mom.

In her first appearance, Blue gives her mom a certain look (you'll know it when you see it) after the two hang out while wearing sneakers in a bubble bath. In another shot, Blue does a full split while wearing a very timely accessory: a face mask.

It didn't take long for Twitter users to showcase Blue's talents. The reactions ranged from fanfiction-worthy ideas about Blue demanding that her mom do more takes to applause at her ability to do the splits. Fans called her a legend and an icon — and they're not wrong.

The video is evidence that this mother-and-daughter duo is undeniably close. Last July, a source told People that the two have a very special relationship and that Blue loves coming to work with her mom.

"She is very sassy, high energy and knows what she wants," a source said. "Especially after the twins were born, Beyoncé made sure that Blue was able to embrace her new role as a big sister. She also lets her go to video shoots, award shows and music recording. They have a very special bond!"

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