Ryan Reynolds Dyed Blake Lively's Hair

And it … looks great?

Yes, there was the usual couples trolling on Valentine's Day, but Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds put that aside for a bit to get down to business. In a Valentine's Day Instagram post, Lively showed her husband dying her hair and thanks to photo evidence (see: the second part of the post), we can all assume that Reynolds can add colorist to his extensive résumé, right after gin enthusiast and longtime Hugh Jackman rival.

"That time I f*d my hairdresser," Lively wrote on Instagram. In the time-lapse video clip, Reynolds is sectioning out his wife's — they've been married for nine years — hair and applying dye.

Back in April 2020, Allure reported that Lively got a special delivery from her stylist, Rona O'Connor: a DIY coloring kit to use during the COVID-19 quarantine. From the looks of the weekend's clip, it looks like Lively's been getting supplemental shipments and that Reynolds has been honing his skills.

"The fact that you trust @vancityreynolds to get this right makes me concerned for your sanity," Lively wrote at the time. "But who needs hair anyway?"

Blake Lively Instagram Story

Lively's look earned some very high praise: Queer Eye's hair pro, Jonathan Van Ness, commented, "The sectioning is really really good."

And to keep things on-brand for the couple, Reynolds didn't post about the dye job. Instead, he took the opportunity to share a clip of Lively sledding, calling her his Valentine "for the foreseeable future."

"My forever valentine for the foreseeable future," he captioned the video.

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