Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Shared the Most Chaotic Voting PSA

What's going on here?

As we head into arguably the most decisive — and divisive — elections in U.S. history, celebrities are doing their part by encouraging people to vote. On Thursday, internet-favorite couple Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively got in on the voting PSA Instagram game, in typical Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively fashion.

They each shared photos of themselves standing together against a cobblestoned wall, clutching absentee ballots, which, at first seemed like any other voting PSA in 2020. But upon closer inspection, Lively is standing barefoot and tiptoed in Reynolds's post, while she appeared to be wearing shoes in her own post.

She even tagged the Instagram account for Christian Louboutin (and no other brands for her outfit), further confusing matters.

Eventually, people caught on, theorizing that the Gossip Girl star photoshopped shoes onto her own bare feet for her photo.

Well... not quite! The shoes were drawn on, according to Lively's own Instagram stories. Re-sharing photos from Reynolds's stories in which he drew an arrow pointing to her feet, she wrote, "I don't see the issue," before adding photos zooming in on her feet, writing, "@louboutinworld are you hiring? Barefoot iPhone Doodler with vast experience avail.

Blake Lively Embed
Blake Lively Embed 2

She also shared a closeup of the drawn-on sandals, adding, "Impressive résumé upon request."

Blake Lively Embed 3

Listen, we're in a pandemic — it's honestly a lot to ask for someone to put on a whole outfit that doesn't include sweats, let alone heels.

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