Blake Lively Shows Her Kids Her 2018 Met Gala Look When They're Misbehaving

"'This is your mom.'"

Blake Lively is sharing some parenting tips for when her kids are misbehaving — though they aren't easily implementable unless you've been to the Met Gala. In a new video with Vogue the actress is taking a look back at some of her most iconic looks — including one that even keeps her kids in line.

In the clip, Lively reminisced about her 2018 "Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination" Met Gala gown. "This, is without a doubt my favorite look of all time," she said of the striking burgundy dress. "The is the Met Gala 2018, Versace dress. I get very involved in the design of the dresses, I don't know if it's just that I'm a Virgo, or that I need a life."

Blake Lively 2018 Met Gala Burgundy Versace Gown
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"This one is actually a dress that they had made, but it had a train that was like this — it was a shorter train," she continued. "So, we took this dress, and said, 'Ok, can you guys add like 8 feet of train? Can you add beading on the inside?' This had ruching in the middle, which kind of looked like it was too tight and pulling at the hips, so I was like, 'We need to pick up that pattern here as well, so that it looks like a part of the dress.'"

In case you forgot, the dress took the world's collective breath away when Lively arrived at the stairs of the Met, the actress's old Gossip Girl stomping grounds. And now she's sharing that even her daughters, James, Inez, and Betty, are impressed by the look.

"It's something that when my kids are giving me attitude, I'm like, 'This is your mom.' I mean come on — I try to tell them that I'm real-life royalty and that they're lucky that I'm raising them," she laughed. "They don't buy it. They don't believe it."

She also addressed her knack for matching the carpet year after year. When she was assigned co-host for the 2022 Met Gala, she told Anna Wintour that she needed to find a way to twin with the stairs again. "I went to Anna beforehand and I said, 'I know there's a lot of pressure, but I really need to match the carpet this year because we set a precedent. But somehow, I don't know — whoever this carpet designer [is], we're soulmates."

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