Blake Lively Expertly Trolled Ryan Reynolds's Birthday Tribute to Their Dog

Any excuse for a playful jab.

While 2020 has been anything but predictable, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds's roasting of each other on the internet has remained a constant amongst the changing variables. And the couple's latest exchange developed from the least likely of occasions: Their dog Baxter's birthday.

On Friday, Reynolds posted a birthday tribute to the family's pup on Instagram. Alongside two photos of the actor and Baxter cuddling together, Reynolds wrote: "Happy Birthday, Bax. I’d bake you a cake, but it would kill you. Not because you’re a dog. Everything I bake is poison. If I had to go to war, I’d just bring a toaster oven."

Lively responded with a playful jab, sarcastically writing, "This is almost as sweet as the birthday post you did for me this year."

Last month, Lively turned 33 and her husband did not publicly wish her a happy birthday on his grid. But that's not all. He also baked her a homemade birthday cake for this year's celebration — something he just admitted he should not do for anyone he loves in his note for Baxter.

Blake Lively - Embed 4

Reminding his wife of this fact, Ryan wrote in reply to Blake's comment: "I baked you a cake." To be fair, though, Blake was less focused on the cake, and more on Ryan's toned bicep, captioning a close-up photo of his arm while walking out with the birthday treat, "Happy Birthday to me."

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In summary, if you need a good laugh during these difficult times, Blake and Ryan have your back.

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