Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Are Already Plotting on How They're Going to Troll Their Daughters One Day

James, Inez, and Betty — you've been warned.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds's trolling of each other knows no bounds. From joking about unflattering quarantine haircuts to shady birthday tributes, the only topic that appears to be off limits is their three daughters: James, 5, Inez, 3, and 9-month-old Betty. But one day, the girls will be fair game — according to the couple.

On Sunday, Lively posted a selfie of herself and Reynolds twinning in matching masks designed by their kids. The trio covered their mom's mask in yellow stars and a smiley face with pink hair, while a series of colorful shapes were scribbled onto their dad's face-covering. “We won’t embarrass them at all in middle school...," Lively captioned the silly snapshot, before crediting her daughters's handiwork.

Blake Lively Ryan Reynolds

Perhaps, they'll be holding onto these masks as collateral? In any case, James, Inez, and Betty — you've been warned.

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic began, Blake and Ryan have been serious about wearing masks and social-distancing. The Deadpool star even offered a joke-riddled PSA addressed to the young people of British Columbia who are refusing to stay home. "Young folks in B.C., they're partying," he said in a voice memo he recorded earlier this week, after B.C.'s Premier John Horgan said he needed the actor's help in reaching a younger audience. "Which is, of course, dangerous. They probably don’t know that thousands of young people aren't just getting sick from coronavirus, that they're also dying from it, too."

He continued, "And of course, it's terrible that it affects our most vulnerable," he added. "B.C., that's home to some of the coolest older people on Earth. I mean, David Suzuki, he lives there. My mom! She doesn't want to be cooped up in her apartment all day. She wants to be out there cruising Kitsilano Beach looking for some young 30-something Abercrombie burnout to go full Mrs. Robinson on. She is insatiable."

Ryan also managed to sneak in a jab at Blake, adding: "I love parties. My favorite thing to do is sit alone in my room with a glass of gin and the first 32 seasons of Gossip Girl. That's a party."

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