Introducing the sign of the diva.

By Sara Couhglin
Mar 20, 2019 @ 2:30 pm
Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Way back in summer 2018, we were introduced to (blessed with, really) the concept of big dick energy (BDE for short). Now that the idea of quiet confidence, an air of mystery, and bravado-free magnetism is common parlance, we’d like to introduce you to a similar sort of “energy.” But this one comes steeped in bravado — it's big Aries energy.

BAE, as we’ll refer to it, is a complex combination of conviction, unstoppable motivation, and almost blind confidence that most Aries people exude. Where BDE was winking and subtle, BAE hits you like a wave of heat from a bonfire. It’s Mariah Carey saying “I don’t know her” when asked about fellow extremely famous person Jennifer Lopez. It’s Reese Witherspoon running a lifestyle brand, while starring in and producing spring’s most anticipated TV drama. It’s Celine Dion doing...everything that Celine Dion does.

If you’re an Aries, you might be a little more competitive, hot-headed, and, to put it gently, focused on yourself than most. Don’t get us wrong — Aries people also tend to be fiercely loyal and protective friends, but, as the first sign on the Wheel of Zodiac, it’s only natural that you have a bit of a me-first attitude. Of course, if you’re a celebrity and have grown accustomed to others putting you first, those tendencies can get turned up to 11. And thus, BAE is born.

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Once you start to look for BAE in Aries celebs and those you know IRL, you won’t be able to ignore it — kind of like when you realized that Pete Davidson really does have BDE. Like, really has it. Here, we’re celebrating some of our favorite Aries celebrities who, without a doubt, possess serious quantities of BAE.

Mariah Carey

Between her legendary “I don’t know her” admission to her claim that she “can’t read suddenly,” Carey is arguably the greatest and grandest example of BAE on this list. A master of her own reality, Carey reflects every Aries’ belief that first place is the best place — and that you can either go big or go home. Her five Grammys, 18 number-one hits, and decades-long career is proof enough of that winner’s mentality, but Carey’s personal life, in which she lives by a bizarrely strict (and pricey) diet and once cleared out an entire hospital in order to give birth, is evidence that her diva reputation is anything but an act.

One of Carey’s subtlest, yet longest-lasting, acts of divahood is the fact that no one — not even the all-knowing Wikipedia — knows the exact year she was born. Was it March 27, 1969 or 1970? That’s just for Mimi to know.

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Reese Witherspoon

Sure, Witherspoon, who’ll celebrate her birthday on March 22, might seem too sweet to fit the mold of the classic Aries. When you think “BAE,” you probably think reckless, stubborn, and even a little self-absorbed. And, frankly, we’d never use those words to describe the Big Little Lies producer and star. But, let it be known, she can still wield her BAE like a pro.

In her involvement with Time’s Up and work for equal pay at HBO, Witherspoon is showing how her fellow Aries women can exert their BAE subtly, confidently, and with maximum impact. To any Aries reading who doesn’t think they have BAE, take a page out of Reese’s book: You don’t have to be the most demanding diva in the room to show off your astrological clout.

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Lady Gaga

Untappable energy and ambition? Check. Balls-to-the-wall self-presentation? Check. Heroic honesty? Check, definitely. Gaga is exactly who comes to mind when we think about Aries’ ruling element: fire. From her artistic passion to her huge commercial success, Gaga has been burning brightly since March 28, 1986.

On a more superficial level, Gaga most visibly flaunts her Big Aries Energy in the, shall we say, fashion choices she’s made throughout her career. Rams are the risk-takers and trail-blazers of the Zodiac — there isn’t a trend or over-the-top look they won’t try at least once. This is not to say that every single Aries in your life should try wearing a meat dress to their next event (or maybe a Cinderella-inspired gown with a 60-carat diamond necklace), but, providing they possess adequate BAE, they’d probably pull it off.

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Lucy Lawless

Born on March 29, 1968, Lawless has made a name for herself playing strong women (she lent her voice to Wonder Woman in the animated movie Justice League: The New Frontier!) who, more often than not, simply DGAF — and, as far as we can tell, we can say the same about Lawless herself. We know that she isn’t actually Xena, the iconic “warrior princess” she played on TV, but there’s no doubt that it takes a fearless, Mars-ruled Aries woman to embody such a powerful role.

If we had to point to a single, sign-defining moment for Lawless, it’d be back in 2012 when she and several other activists were arrested after staging a protest on board an oil-drilling ship. At the time, Lawless said in statement, “the story of the battle to save the Arctic has just begun.” As much as Rams tend to look out for number one, their fighting spirit cannot be denied.

Celine Dion

The infinitely meme-able chanteuse isn’t a total Aries because of her “extra” approach to fashion or her more-than-willingness to flaunt her vocal talents at the drop of a hat (although those traits absolutely apply to the sign of the Ram). She’s an Aries because she does these things without a hint of self-consciousness. Dion, who will celebrate her 51st birthday on March 30, knows her strengths and is firmly confident in her personal style. After all, it’s her individuality that’s made her the star that she is.

Nothing can shake this woman, let alone persuade her to change her (admittedly very bold) stripes and risk dulling her shine. Besides, nothing is more BAE than wolfing down a hot dog while wearing a Met Gala gown.

Sarah Jessica Parker

When Parker was born on March 25, a very specific sort of BAE came into being. She isn't as demanding as Mariah and she isn't as out there as Celine, but, trust us, SJP would be considered to be just as "high maintenance" as those two — if she didn't go out of her way to maintain herself.

From her Carrie-Bradshaw-approved shoe line to her sprawling Manhattan townhouse to her expert form in shutting down the seemingly endless drama between her and Kim Catrall, Parker has made it quietly clear that she likes — no, needs — things her way. And, beyond that, she’s more than happy to be the one who ensures that things go her way. If we had to give an example of a hardworking diva, we’d point directly to SJP.