By Dobrina Zhekova
Updated Apr 18, 2016 @ 2:15 pm
Solmaz Saberi

When you tune in on May 1 to watch the new season of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, be prepared to get completely obsessed with the newest addition to the #richkids gang — the gorgeous Bianca Espada. A longtime friend of Dorothy, the LA-native Espada joins the show (and the drama) as everyone prepares for career changes, dating action, and, of course, Morgan and Brendan's upcoming nuptials. We caught up with Espada in New York City, where she now spends a lot of time assisting Sonya Benson (aka Rihanna's stylist) to talk RKOBH, makeup tricks, and her biggest beauty mistake.

Tell us about the new season. What can we expect?

"I was brought in through Dorothy [Wang]. Dorothy is one of my best friends, and my brother is a best man in Morgan and Brendan's wedding. I grew up with Brendan and I've known Jonny for years, as long as I've known Dorothy. The only person I don't really know is Morgan. But what you can expect from this season is a lot of drama."

What's one thing that people probably don't know about the show?

"It's not fake. It's real. The fights you see, the arguments you see are real. Everything we hash out, we would hash out on camera, off camera."

What does your beauty routine look like?

"My beauty routine in New York is completely different from my beauty routine in LA. In New York, I am super minimal. I'll do a concealer, foundation, and mascara. That's about it. I think if your skin looks good, everything looks good. If you have good skin, you really don't need makeup. So keeping my skin clean and clear and having a great foundation is my number one concern in New York."

What products do you swear by?

"Cover Effects makes a foundation that's a drop that you add to your moisturizer. I love it because you can use it as a heavy concealer or heavy foundation, or you can use it as a BB cream. So it's just one droplet and that's a BB cream. You add four droplets and it's a full foundation."

What's your beauty philosophy?

"My beauty makeup philosophy would probably be: A lash changes everything. A good eyelash and you are a whole new person. It's like you have 8-inch stilettos on."

Do you have any makeup tricks?

"If you're doing your lashes on the bottom and if you have a mascara wand, you know how you are always trying not to touch your skin? Well, if you kind of touch your skin a little bit and you smudge it at the root, you kind of have a smoky eye. So you get a bit of a liner.

Also, dark colors are really nice [for me] because I am so pale. You have to have very hydrated lips to wear matte [lipstick] cause else the lines in your lips show and that's not cute."

How about your brows?

"I fill them. Tom Ford makes a great eyebrow pencil. It comes with a sharpener and a brush in it. Do not tweeze your eyebrows yourself. Always get them done. Cause if you do it yourself…that one hair makes a big difference."

What's the worst beauty mistake you've ever made?

"Making my eyebrows too thin. I like having really thick brows, so in high school, I had skinny brows. They were never too skinny, but they were too skinny for me."