April 1, 2017
Credit: beyonce/instagram

Following the appearance of the pink moon Tuesday night, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson was feeling particularly inspired as he churned out several cosmic baby name ideas for Beyoncé's twins on a Twitter.

"Naming ideas for @Beyonce's twins, inspired by the universe...," Tyson began, as he kicked off his version of #namesforbeyoncestwins.

"Zenith" & "Nadir"—The points directly above your head and directly below your feed on the sky. #NamesForBeyonceTwins," he tweeted, followed by "Dawn" & "Dusk"—The sky just before sunrise and just after sunset. Cosmic."

And that was just the beginning. He kept the names coming as he added several more suggestions.

Finally, he finished up with this one:

As Tyson pumped out the names, Twitter quickly responded, with one of his followers replying "DON'T STOP!", while another simply wrote "Marry me".

Dusk & Dawn and Terra & Luna seemed to be two of the favorite twin names of Tyson's Tweetfest. One tweeter captured the sentiments of many raving over Dusk & Dawn when he replied with this gif:

While it's not clear just yet what Beyoncé will name her twins (or whether those monikers will have a celestial twist), we have no doubt their names will make a statement ... just like that of their big sis.