By Bee Shapiro
Updated Apr 24, 2016 @ 3:15 pm
Beyonce lead
Credit: Courtesy

Beyoncé took fans along an insider ride via her mega HBO special Lemonade, which aired on Saturday night. The show tackled some serious themes like racism, family, and feminism, but in true Queen B style, you better believe the fashion and visual imagery was non-stop stunning. Want to relive the airing or simply missed out on the show? Check out the GIFs below:

Don't mess with Bey. For the first song, the pop star was armed with a bat (and fierce marigold dress):

The show was ferocious all the way through.

Water was spotted in several thought-provoking scenes.

Because she does her best thinking with waves lapping gently.

Sometimes she opted for the trippy.

Making an entrance.

Standing tough.

Who needs a car?

There were also super sweet family moments.

And Bey went down memory lane with this romantic video from her wedding to Jay Z.

But when she got with her girls, like Serena Williams, there was working and twerking.

Do not mess with Beyoncé.