Beyoncé Sipping Rosé in a Bodycon Freakum Dress Is My Spring Mood Board

Opera gloves are always a good idea.

Spring is here (though our weather app appears to be in denial — Alexa, where's the sun?) and Beyoncé's closet evidently got the memo.

The performer wore a pear green and gray strappy patterned bodycon mini dress with a set of matching sheer opera gloves for a night "out" that may or may not have transpired in her living room. Queen Bey accessorized the seasonal look with interlocking gold hoop earrings, a neon lime green handbag, tinted shades, and slingback pumps that matched her dress perfectly.

In one of the images she posted, the singer clutches a wine glass filled with a dark pink-hued substance (Grenache? Drop us a grape, Bey).

In another image, Bey kisses a tuxedo-clad Jay-Z's hand as it's placed on her shoulder. Mom and dad look good!

This is a post-vaccine mood board if I've ever seen one. BRB, dusting off my freakum dress …

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