Beyoncé’s Charming Wardrobe Malfunction From 2001 Will Bring Back Memories

TBH, we’ve been there.


Oh, 2001. If you were old enough to dress yourself that year, you likely made some, well, questionable choices. Ruched designs were pretty popular, and if you needed an accessory to go with your low-rise jeans, you might have just reached for a pinstriped fedora. Personalization also had a moment: shirts with stick-on velcro letters, monogrammed purses, etc. Even Beyoncé owned a pendant chain belt that she customized into saying Bootylicious.

Or, um, BootyliciUOs. With with U and the O flipped.

We were reminded of this moment when the Instagram account @doyoulovethe2000s posted a throwback of the singer, actress, and badass Virgo in August. As Bey and the rest of Destiny's Child posed for a photo while visiting TRL (another throwback!), her silver statement accessory — complete with that spelling mistake — popped against her all-black outfit.

Destiny's Child TRL 2001

Of course, this kind of mix-up is completely relatable. Bootylicious — or really any word that has "licious" in it — is one of those things that we still double-check, even after years of writing it out (the same goes for fuchsia and license, but we digress.) Plus, if Beyoncé's belt came with a bunch of letters, similar to a felt board, it likely took long enough to find every little O and I. These customized pieces require more effort than you'd think, and it's possible she was too distracted while getting ready to perform for thousands (millions?) of viewers and didn't even notice.

Either way, this fashion faux pas is something we can laugh about decades later, and say "Ok, but really, remember when...?" Much like Chrissy Teigen modeling Ed Hardy bathing suits, it brings back funny, happy memories, and we're always down for more of that.

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