Ben Affleck Appears to Have Revived an Accessory from His Early Bennifer Days

He broke it out for his Miami outing with Jennifer Lopez.

The early aughts are all around us: in our tube tops and platform sandals; in our Friends memorabilia and O.C. rewatches; and, most importantly, in Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's relationship.

The maybe-couple, who recently spent time together in Miami, has had the internet abuzz with speculation about their reunion. Nearly two decades have passed, but some things stay the same … like Ben's watch?

Twitter user @jloaffleck noticed that Affleck appeared to be wearing the same watch on his and Lopez's Miami outing that he used to wear back in the early Bennifer days.

Ben Affleck Appeared to Wear the Watch He Wore When He Was Dating Jennifer Lopez the First Time
Vince Bucci/Getty Images

So … is it a sign? Or just a really good watch — perhaps a gift from Lopez?? Or, maybe, it's a metaphor to describe how time has passed but nothing (like, ahem, his feelings) has changed. A meditation on the media craze? We're watching him … OK, sorry, I'll stop.

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